The Sharing Economy Guide

We believe in people spending their time doing things that make them happy. Working part time in the gig provides a great way to work on the schedule you want, while enjoying the time you need to do the things you enjoy. We decided to compile a list of the best gig economy companies we know to tell you a bit more about them.


VRBO is a massive online platform that allows homeowners or property owners to list their spaces for short term vacation rentals. The company has 2,000,000 spaces in 190 countries. On the site, hosts can set the nightly rate for thespace. Hosts are charged their choice of $399 a year or 8% on each booking to have their space marketed through the site. In a report we found, 50% of VRBO hosts were covering 75% of their mortgage with money made through the site. We included a calculator to figure out how much your home is worth here.

What a VRBO listing might look like


TURO is a peer to peer car-sharing platform that allows car owners to rent their personal vehicles out for short periods of time. In 2017 there were 170,000 private vehicles available on the site from simple sedans to luxury sportscars. The company offers drivers insurance and charges between 10–35% of the daily price of the car for its services. We’ve included a calculator to find out the daily value of your vehicle here.


That empty basement or garage could be earning you extra money. NXTSTOR connects those with extra space in their homes or businesses to those that need a place to store items. Hosts (those with space) on NXTSTOR can generally expect to get $1.00+ per square foot meaning that a basement could be earning you $200 a month or nearly $2500 a year. All that money without ever having to have a rude house-guest (looking at you AirBnB.


Lending Club

Lending Club connects users with money to those seeking loans. The borrower’s loans are typically from $1000-$40000 and span 3 years. The users who offer their money for the loans receive a percentage of the interest on the loan (the example on their website showed 5%). Lending Club typically charges the lenders a small fee for facilitating the loan.

Lyft with Halo

Become a taxi driver in your spare time and earn great money for it. Lyft is a ridesharing company that allows car owners to transport riders in their personal vehicles for a fee. Its app instantly connects users to one of the company’s 1,400,000 drivers that are nearby. Users can make $28+ an hour driving for the company. Many drivers also have a Halo advertising system installed on their vehicle which can earn them an additional $400 a month.

Halo car topper


Put your creative skills to the test and be rewarded for it. Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with awesome skills to those that need projects completed. Users on the site offer everything from logo design to translation. Prices vary based on what the project is and on the provider’s skill level. Some users we saw were making $2000-$5000 a month with their design skills.


Walk cute dogs or pet-sit to earn extra cash as a Rover walker. Rover connects pre-qualified walkers with man’s best friend. Part-time Rover walkers have reported earning $1000 a month, with most walks earning them $30 per half hour walk.

The best Rover customers


Frayt is an awesome partner for us at NXTSTOR. Frayt connects people with vehicles to those that need items moved or picked up. The company estimates that users with a pickup truck can earn $39.55 for a 25-mile move. You can check out the calculator here to see how much you can earn with your vehicle.


Are you an excellent chef that hopes to open your own restaurant one day? Or a cook that wants to share special recipes? Eatwith allows chefs to open their homes to guests for home-cooked meals. Some Eatwith hosts have reported earnings of $3000+ a month for hosting their meals.

Host delicious


Deliver food by bike or by car and get paid for it. Grubhub is a delivery service for restaurants powered by part-time gig workers. Grubhub drivers on average make roughly $12 an hour plus tips, not bad for waiting in line for food! Here’s a calculator to figure out how much you could be earning.

We hope our list gave you some great ideas about part-time work in the peer to peer economy. We’ve come to know more about the people in our communities and we hope we can get to know you as well. If you have any questions or comments, never hesitate to reach out to, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise.