7 Easy Steps for Becoming an Awesome Host

At NXTSTOR, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and transparent environment for our storage platform. A major part of this is creating host accounts, which are accounts for those that share their space as storage with renters. Creating a host account allows the renter to learn more about the space and who owns it. Another major benefit of setting up a transparent host account is getting more rentals more quickly and easily. This translates into more money in your pocket. Follow this step by step guide to create a host account quickly and easily.

1.) Download the APP!

Simply sign into your app store and find the NXTSTOR app. While you’re there, feel free to drop us a review!

2.) Register your account

Select the method you’d like to register with and follow the steps. This is how you’ll easily access your account.

3.) Switch to Host View

Once signed into your account you can select the “Settings” tab to see your profile settings. Scroll down to “App Settings” and click on “Switch to Host View”. This will take you to the host (those providing spaces for storage) version of the app.

4.) Your Account Settings

Your Account Settings. The tabs here will allow you to tell the renter a bit more about yourself, manage additional accounts as ways to log into your account, and manage your payment methods in case you need to make a payment. Please take the time to fill all these sections in, you will need to have your email and phone verified to host a space.

5.) APP Settings

App settings. This section allows you to switch between a renter and host view of the app.

6. Hosting

Hosting. To be fully able to list a space take a moment to fill out the information in the tabs within this section. Updating Your Verification Information and Managing Payout Methods are necessary to be able to utilize your host account.

7.) Listings.

Listings. Clicking the “+” Icon on this tab allows you to create a new listing. Follow the instructions here to generate a high-quality listing.

Contact Us– Clicking “Contact Us” opens a contact form that will allow you to send us a message. Please include your name and the best email for us to contact you back to answer your question.

We hope you enjoy becoming a NXTSTOR host and we’re excited for you to join the NXTSTOR community. If you have any questions or comments or need help creating a listing, never hesitate to reach out to support@nxtstor.com, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise.