Image Courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio

Renting A Space With NXTSTOR

NXTSTOR is great for cleaning out the house, finding a place for your stuff during a move, or for the moments in life when you just need a bit of extra space. Let’s take a walk through finding your perfect space and getting your stuff stored.

1.) Download the APP!

Simply sign into your app store and find the NXTSTOR app. While you’re there, feel free to drop us a review!

2.) Register your account.

Select the method you’d like to register with and follow the steps. This is how you’ll easily access your account.

3.) Head over to the “Settings” page.

From here you can update your profile information to tell hosts a bit more about yourself. You can also add a profile picture so your host can easily recognize you. Here you’ll also want to add a payment method so you can pay for your space.

The search page

4.) Once your account is all set up, you can head to the “Search Page”.

Here you’ll be able to search for spaces in your neighborhood based on your preferences and the time you’ll be using the space. Use the sliding bar of features at the top to select the features of the space you’d like to rent. Below is a list of features and what they mean:

The features list

  • Cameras- This space has cameras that record the space and/or the area around it for security.
  • 24/7 Access- This space can be accessed anytime.
  • High Ceilings- This space has ceilings that are 10 feet or greater.
  • Alarm System- This space has an alarm system for security.
  • Locked Access- This space has its own locked entry for security.
  • No Pets- There are no pets present at this space.
  • Climate Controlled- This space is kept climate at a controlled temperature.
  • Shelf Space- This space has shelves or racks available for the renter to use.
  • Ground Level- This space has access on the ground level, the renter will not have to utilize an elevator or stairs.
  • Easy Drop-Off- This space allows for the easy unloading or loading of a truck or other moving vehicle.

5.) Once you’ve found a space nearby that fits your needs, click on it.

From here you’ll be able to see more information on the space, as well as images of it. You can also click on the “Other Units” box to see if there are other spaces at that property for rent. Here

6.) Message the Host

If you’re interested in that space and finding out more about it, you can easily message the host to ask for more information.

7.) Renting the Unit

From this point you can easily click the “Rent This Unit” button to finish renting the space. Here you’ll be able to select the method you’d like to pay with.

8.)Adding Moving Services

If you need to have your items moved to the host’s location you can do so through the app during the checkout process via our partners Frayt. After answering the questions about moving you’ll be all set to have your stuff moved on the day you’ve selected for move-in.

If at any point you need additional info or need to contact your host, please reach out to them via the messaging window. For questions, comments or help with anything, never hesitate to reach out to, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise.