Image Courtesy of Norma Mortenson

It’s that time of year- everyone’s leases are ending and you’re scrambling to figure out what to do with all the stuff you’ve managed to accumulate. We’ve got some thoughts on how to make it an easier experience this year.

Don’t Wait- Donate

Don’t wait for trash day to roll around to get rid of your items. Take your gently used furniture to a local non-profit that can find a new home for it. Some of the non-profits even offer free pickups of the items, but you may want to consult their websites. If you’re in Columbus, you can check out a whole guide here. On this list are 16 furniture drop-off locations near campus where you can donate your furniture from July 25th to August 9th. Some guidelines to follow as you drop-off your furniture:

  • Do not place furniture or large items in a household garbage container or dumpster
  • Do not place furniture or large items in front or right next to a dumpster so that it blocks the truck
  • Don’t use garbage containers for refrigerated appliances (mini-fridges, air conditioners, de-humidifiers)
  • Place smaller items in a box or garbage bag and then put them in the nearest empty garbage container

Make sure you check your pantry before you move out, canned goods and boxed foods can be donated to local food pantries. Campus food banks like Neighborhood Services Inc. and Buckeye Food Alliance are awesome options to donate your leftover food.

Make sure to use NXTSTOR to find a storage spot for all the items you can’t take with you. NXTSTOR partners with Frayt to get your items moved if you can’t do it yourself.

Clean Up Your Act- Get Your Security Deposit Back

Landlords (mine included) love to be sticklers about the cleanliness of your space as you move out. To avoid getting charged more of your security deposit (we know one of your roommates made a hole in the wall) make sure that your space is entirely swept up like you’ve never lived there. If you’re in a time crunch, you can call a local cleaning service to make the job even easier. If you feel like you’re ready to clean it yourself, follow this awesome guide by My Moving Reviews.

Some of us leave small marks on the walls and chipped paint. If you can, try to locate a color-matched sample size of your paint. It may be free and you can follow this guide on touching it up. A sneaky tip (we can’t actually recommend this) for small scratches in the wall is to use a bar of soap to rub into the scratch to fill it in. For bigger repairs, we suggest finding a contractor to correct the problem before your landlord can charge you for the damage.

Box It Up Right

  1. Never pay full price for all your boxes! Free boxes can be found at grocery stores, local clothes stores, and even on Craigslist in the free section. Fun fact– the right sized box is one you can see over when moving it
  2. Pack a moving day bag! Put all the clothes you’d like to wear while you move in their own bag, so you aren’t scrambling to find something to wear.
  3. Write the box’s contents on it, it’ll make it easier to find things as you move into your next place (or to find what junk to throw away).
  4. Pack your clothes on their hangers. This way you don’t have to rehang all of them and risk losing hangers. You can also zip tie the hangers together and put them in a trash bag with a hole at the top to keep them safe.
  5. Keep furniture parts in bags with labels. If you thought building that Ikea furniture was bad the first time, doing it again without instructions and no knowledge of the parts is 300x worse.
  6. Use drawers as storage. Moving your stuff in the furniture (as long as it’s secured) makes for fewer trips to your vehicle and can leave more room for other things.
  7. Use your towels and sheets! I cannot stress this enough. They are able to be used for wrapping fragile items and packing boxes tighter.
  8. Pack your makeup with cotton balls. This will prevent it from breaking as it gets tossed around.
  9. Your suitcase has wheels, use them. Put heavy items in your suitcase so it can easily be wheeled around.
  10. Spend the money and bubble wrap glass and your mirrors. They are incredibly easy to break, spend a few extra dollars and protect it.

Be Safe!

Moving is a stressful time. Make sure you’re lifting things carefully and wearing a mask this year. If you are worried about your stuff and would like assistance check out NXTSTOR and our partner Frayt for help with moving and storage.

For questions, comments or help with anything, never hesitate to reach out to, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise.