For many, finding a space to store items is a painful task. Traveling miles out to a self-storage facility and renting the unit, then going lugging your items back was a slow, frustrating process. It makes the moments when we need self-storage even harder. Places like Extra Space Storage, U-Haul, and Cubesmart have never evolved to make the process easier for storers. But now NXTSTOR is here to make the process simple, local, and hands-free. Below are just some of the major reasons storers love NXTSTOR for their items. 


Easy to Use App 

Using NXTSTOR makes sense. Once in the app, you simply create an account and you’re ready to find your perfect space. Here are some of our awesome search tools that allow you to find your ideal spot in less than 3 minutes.  

  • Features: With the NXTSTOR app you’ll be able to find a space that has all the features you could ever want. Some of our favorite features are: 
    • 24/7 Access- these hosts will allow you into the space anytime  
    • Locked Access- this space is protected by a lock  
    • Ground Level- this space is on the first floor and is easy to access 
    • Climate Controlled- this space is kept at a perfect temperature for your items 
  • Search by availability: Search by availability allows renters to search for a space that is available during a specific time period. This ensures that renters are finding spaces that are ready to rent when they need it. Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact dates- hosts are very ready and willing to extend your booking. 
  • Chat with hosts easily through the app: When you’ve found a space that fits your needs send the host a message to get more info. 

Cheaper Option 

In general NXTSTOR hosts charge half as much as traditional self-storage facilities like Extra Space and U-Haul charge. For example in Columbus, OH a 5×5 storage space may cost $59. On NXTSTOR, a similar space closer to home may only cost $30 with climate control. We work closely with our hosts to keep prices down to make the experience even better for you. 


In-App Moving 

One of the worst parts about storing your items is moving them to the self-storage facility. Don’t rent a U-Haul this time, use NXTSTOR’s partner Frayt. During your rental you’ll have the option to have a professional moving team from Frayt pickup and drop-off your items. They do everything contactless and will make the process cheap and easy.  

Only Pay for Time You’re Using the Space 

We hate month to month contracts, so we built something even better. On NXTSTOR, renters only pay for the days they’re using the space.  That means you’ll never have to pay for the half a month you didn’t actually use the space. 

Close to Home 

NXTSTOR’s goal is to have spaces available in every neighborhood in America. That means the storage space you’re using could be just a few houses down. Easily walk your items over and have peace of mind knowing that your items are just a few feet away (without all the clutter in your space). If there isn’t a space in your neighborhood yet, tell you neighbors about us! We’ll even give them $10 for listing their space on the site.  

Make sure you’re lifting things carefully and wearing a mask this year when moving your items. If you are worried about your stuff and would like assistance check out NXTSTOR and our partner Frayt for help with moving and storage. 

For questions, comments or help with anything, never hesitate to reach out to, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise. 


NXTSTOR is here for your storage needs with: 

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Parking in Columbus, Ohio 

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