Earning extra income can be a challenge for many who simply don’t have the time to put into a side-hustle like Uber or Postmates. But there are options out there for those of that want to put in minimal effort and take advantage of working from home. The guide below lists our favorite home-based sidehustles and how much you can expect to earn from each. 


Income: Hosts Earn $924 Monthly on Average 


Airbnb allows anyone to live like a local in any city in the world. They do this by enabling guests to stay in the homes and apartments of others living in the cities they’re visiting. Some of our favorite parts of the experience for hosts are that listing your space is free, hosts can determine their own prices, hosts can set the times the space is available, and hosts are covered by numerous programs and policies that Airbnb provides. Hosts can also use space available in their own homes or rent the entirety of their space out. Many hosts also receive dozens of bookings per month, making this a lucrative sidehustle. 


Monthly Income: Hosts Earn $200-$400+ Per Month 


NXTSTOR is the ultimate sidehustle for those that have extra space but can’t utilize AirBnB. NXTSTOR connects those with spare rooms, basements, and garages to renters looking for a place to store items. The app is incredibly easy to use, free for hosts, and hosts even receive $10 just for listing their space. Hosts can highlight features of the space, set the availability and price of the space, and quickly connect with renters through the app. Hosts can list multiple spaces in their homes and receive multiple bookings per month from those looking for short term storage. It is great for those that have extra space but don’t want guests in their homes. Download the app to become a host today. 


Income: Host Can Earn $100 Per Hour 


Newer to the peer to peer scene is Swimply, which allows anyone to monetize their awesome pool space. The concept which launched in the last few years has been dubbed the “Airbnb of Pools”. It connects users with a pool to guests that wish to rent the pool out for a few hours at a time. The experience is largely contactless and has exploded since the rise of COVID-19Some hosts have even made $10,000+ a summer renting their pool out when they aren’t using it.  


 Income: Host Can Earn $50+ a Night 


Campspace is one of our favorites for the year- as travel to big cities wanes, getting out into the woods and enjoying camping has picked up. Campspace allows hosts that have large swathes of land to rent them out as campgrounds. Though the concept took off originally in Europe, we have seen growth in the United States as well. Hosts are able to easily list the features of the space and set their own prices. We especially love the fact that renters never have to step foot inside your home to utilize the land.  


Fish My Spot 

Income: $50+ a Day 


Like Campspace, Fish My Spot takes advantage of your yard and its amenities. The company allows hosts to rent out their lakes (that contain fish) to guests who would like to use them for private fishing experiences. Hosts can set the daily rate for guests to rent the pond and can also set “catch and release” or “catch and keep” rules that allow guests to either take the fish home or require them to be placed back in the pond. The company carries $1m in liability protection and can help some lake owners earn $10,000+ a year.