Finding the right space for your stuff is a tough problem that we help renters with every day at NXTSTOR. A big part of our mantra is finding “the perfect storage spot, in the perfect place, at the right price all from your phone” on the NXTSTOR app. This guide will give you tips on how to find that exact storage spot

Traditional Storage Unit Size Breakdown 

5×5 (25 Square Feet)  

NXTSTOR Comparison: A walk-in closet 

What It Will Fit: These types of spaces are generally best used for storing outdoor gear, winter clothing, small furniture like dressers or nightstands, and boxes of holiday decorations. 


5×10 (50 Square Feet) 

NXTSTOR Comparison: A large closet space or half of a bedroom 

What It Will Fit: These types of spaces are best for those that need to store furniture whether it’s a mattress, table, couches, or other larger furniture.  


10×10 (100 Square Feet) 

NXTSTOR Comparison: One car garage, shed, or spare bedroom 

What It Will Fit: These types of spaces are best for storing multiple rooms worth of items when moving. It will store plenty of furniture (tables, chairs, couches, etc.), boxes, and clothing easily. If it is a garage space you will be able to store cars, kayaks, or off-road vehicles. 


10×20 (200 Square Feet) 

NXTSTOR Comparison: Two car garage, basement, or attic 

What It Will Fit: These types of spaces are generally enough to store the contents of a small 2-3-bedroom home or apartment. That includes furniture, clothing, and other items. If it is a garage space you will be able to store two cars, small boats, and other off-road vehicles. If the ceiling height is large enough you may be able to store a camper, 5th wheel, or rv.  


5 Tips To Find the Right Space 

  1. Message Your Host- Hosts know their spaces better than anyone else. By using the NXTSTOR app to message your host you’ll be able to ask them questions about the space and whether or not your items will fit. 
  2. Go Bigger- Rather than struggle to fit your items in a smaller unit, pick a bigger space that may have a bit of extra room in it. Generally, on NXTSTOR spaces are much cheaper than traditional storage units and you may find a larger unit that is still within your price range. 
  3. Measure Out Your Items- Grab a tape measure and your items to find out just how much space they take up. You can stack the items that will easily fit on top of each other and try to compress it down into as little space as possible before quickly measuring out how much room they take up. This will help you pick a unit that is around the same size as the area your stuff takes up. 
  4. Think About Access- If you’ll need to access the space to get items before move-out, make sure you can fit your items in the space with enough room to walk through the space. 
  5. Moving Truck Sizes- Moving trucks come in several different dimensions but are typically 8 feet tall. This means that you can estimate the size of the space you need based on the items that fit in your moving truck.  

When searching for your perfect storage space make sure to check out the NXTSTOR app and reach out to us at to help with any questions during the process.  


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