Whether you’re in-between leases, renovating the house, or trying to clear up some space for an event, nextstore has the perfect short-term storage option for you. Using nextstore app you’ll be able to find a space near you and at the perfect price. 

We built nextstore as a short-term storage option for those in transition that just needed some cheap extra space close by. nextstore rentals are ideal for individuals that are storing items for 1-4 weeks (or even longer). Our nextstore hosts are incredible people who are able to help each of our renters out with special features and perks. By using unused space in our neighborhoods, we are able to boost local entrepreneurs and provide the most reasonably priced storage out there.  

Let’s dive in a bit deeper to see 3 reasons that make nextstore the best choice for short-term storage.  


1.) No Month-to-Month Contracts 

On nextstore you’re able to easily select the amount of time you’ll need space to store your items. That means you don’t have to be locked into a monthly contract that charges you even when you aren’t using the storage space. Don’t worry- if you need to extend your storage rental, you’re easily able to do it in the app by rebooking it. By being able to select the dates you’ll actually be using the space you may be able to save 25% or more depending on how much time your items are stored. 


pexels-ketut-subiyanto-42477682.) Item Pick-Up and Drop-Off with Frayt 

No need to worry about lifting your heavy objects and lugging them off to mini-storage. With nextstore, you’re able to easily have your items moved with our moving partner Frayt. After selecting the Frayt Moving option in the checkout screen, a team of movers will come to your home and pick up your items for you. They employ a contactless system to transport your items to the storage space. The Frayt process is incredibly easy and one of the cheapest moving options out there.  

3.) Find a Space Near You 

nextstore spaces are incredibly close by in your community. New members pop up each day ready to store your items just down the street from your house. Many of our rentals are under 15 minutes from homes in cities we offer space in. This makes it easy to drop off your items and gives you peace of mind knowing they’re just down the street when you’re ready to pick them up.  

BONUS: Features


nextstore spaces are full of amazing features for you to choose from. Below is a list of features our hosts offer that will make your experience even better. 

  • Cameras- This space has cameras that record the space and/or the area around it for security. 
  • 24/7 Access- This space can be accessed anytime. 
  • High Ceilings- This space has ceilings that are 10 feet or greater. 
  • Alarm System- This space has an alarm system for security. 
  • Locked Access- This space has its own locked entry for security. 
  • No Pets- There are no pets present at this space. 
  • Climate Controlled- This space is kept climate at a controlled temperature. 
  • Shelf Space- This space has shelves or racks available for the renter to use. 
  • Ground Level- This space has access on the ground level, the renter will not have to utilize an elevator or stairs. 
  • Easy Drop-Off- This space allows for the easy unloading or loading of a truck or other moving vehicle. 


Moving is a stressful time. Make sure you’re lifting things carefully and wearing a mask this year. For questions, comments, or help with anything, please reach out to, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise.  nextstore is here for you with short term storage in Denver and short term storage in Columbus.  



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