Bills Space 3

Finding yourself needing a bit of extra space in the Denver area this summer? We’re extremely excited to have over 500 square feet of extra Self-Storage space available in the Aurora Colorado area now. The space is hosted by Bill, a local entrepreneur. Itis a perfect space for someone needing a ton of space in-between leases or completing a renovation. Bill’s space would even be great for someone needing a bit of extra space long-term. It would be the perfect climate-controlled storage space for a record collection, outdoor gear, furniture, or files left around the house. A bit more about the space: 

Name: Office/Warehouse 

Price: $225.00 a month  

Size: There are 2 large (273 square foot) spaces available. These can be divided up into even smaller units at the renter’s request. 

Dimensions: 21×13  

Location: Aurora, CO 


  • 24/7 Access 
  • High Ceilings (these are 10 feet high!) 
  • Locked Access 
  • No Pets 
  • Climate Controlled (low humidity and perfect temperature) 
  • Ground Level 
  • Easy Drop off (loading dock) 

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Bill offers the renter a key to allow them to come to the space any time (24/7) they please to access their space. With a loading dock, the space is perfect for larger items like couches and dressers. He has also offered to divide up the space even further for a renter that would like less space at a lower price (please contact us at for help dividing the space).  

For more info on the space, please check it out in the nextstore APP or contact (it’s really me, Brandon, in disguise).  Moving is a stressful time. Make sure you’re lifting things carefully and wearing a mask this year.  



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