Tips To Stay Safe While Moving During COVID-19

Family moving homes during COVID-19

Moving during 2020? We’re here to make sure that no matter what- you’re prepared for this major life transition. Moving shouldn’t be stressful and we’ve prepared this guide to give you all the steps needed to take the stress out of finding a moving company that works for you and moving safely during COVID. Follow the tips below to make move-in quick and easy.

1.) Ask your mover what safety precautions they’re taking

As you plan for your move it’s extremely important to ensure that everyone involved is taking every precaution necessary to make sure they’re being safe. Check your movers’ site for COVID-19 protocol and reach out directly with specific questions. 

What questions should you ask your mover during COVID-19?

  • Are your employees wearing masks?

While movers are in your home, ensure they are wearing masks to help stop the airborne spread of the virus. 

  • Are your employees wearing gloves?

The movers should be wearing gloves or disinfecting their hands often. This is to ensure they don’t get any germs on your furniture. 

  • Do you sanitize the truck after each move?

Movers should be spraying down the trucks with a sanitizing agent after each move to ensure there is no spread of germs on surfaces. 

2.) Disinefect as you go 

I know that all the surfaces in my house are in desperate need of a wipe-down. If yours are as well, consider picking up some disinfecting wipes like Lysol wipes. These will allow you to clean your furniture prior to packing it up. Alternatively, wipe the furniture down as your unpack to make sure your new space is nice and clean. 

3.) Keep your distance 

We know that when out and about we need to keep our six feet. But what about in our own homes? In general, we recommend maintaining your distance while movers are in your home. Keep your usual six feet, it gives the movers some breathing room and will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. I’m sure the movers will also appreciate you not hovering! 

4.) Use curbside pickup for your packing materials 

If you need more moving supplies- make sure you’re staying safe by using the curbside pickup options that many home improvement stores have. By shopping online with Home Depot or Lowes you can order your boxes and bubble-wrap ahead of time to pick up without ever having to go in the store. It makes the process less of a hassle and safer.  

5.) Donating? Check the new donation procedures 

If you’re considering getting rid of some of your gently used furniture- consider donating it to Goodwill. They do have specific guidelines for COVID on how to safely drop-off items for donation. Check the new procedures here. 

6.) Stock up on hand sanitizer for everyone helping you move 

Head to your local big box store or shop online to find a large container of hand sanitizer. As you move, you’ll want everyone coming in and out of your house to disinfect their hands. If you’re traveling cross-country make sure you grab some smaller containers to use after pit-stops on the highway. 

7.)Disinfect any new furniture 

If you’re buying secondhand furniture or furniture that’s been on display at a store- make sure to give it a thorough wipe-down prior to using it. Follow this awesome CDC guide to make sure you’re cleaning it correctly. 

8.) Complete paperwork virtually 

Doing things in-person is a thing of the past. Many moving companies will be able to give you a quote online or over the phone without ever needing to come to your home. This is safer and usually much quicker than the traditional way. Make sure you’re signing off on things electronically. 

Remember, if you need short term storage during your move and want to do things safely on your phone- use nextstore.  nextstore allows you to quickly find the right space, in the right place, at the right price, all from your phone.  

Moving is a stressful time. Make sure you’re lifting things carefully and wearing a mask this year. For questions, comments, or help with anything, please reach out to, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise.