The Best Places to Hide Holiday Gifts This Year

It’s the ultimate game of hide and seek keeping your newly purchased presents from the rest of your family. But with everyone home this year, where can you possibly keep them so no one finds them? Check out our ultimate guide to keep the surprise alive this holiday season. 

1.) The basement 

That unused basement that should be rented on nextstore makes a perfect spot for hiding gifts. Carefully tuck this year’s presents away on the shelves that contain hand-me downs and decorations for other holidays. Most families don’t go into the basement that often so your secret should be entirely safe. Nobody will suspect a thing or even be able to find anything in all your clutter.  

2.) The attic 

There is no place in my house that I avoided as much the attic. In the summer it was hot and in the winter cold and always full of spiders. If your attic is a bit friendlier or you’re up for a trip up the attic ladder, hiding the presents here could be perfect. It’s generally a large area that you can use to hide bigger boxes without raising suspicion. If you want to make sure nothing gets into the boxes (I’m looking at your spiders) consider wrapping the boxes in a thick plastic like this 

3.) A big suitcase 

That big suitcase you aren’t using to travel this year is the perfect stealthy spot to hide small gifts. Simply take it off the shelf, unzip it and put your gifts inside. You can even use the fancy luggage lock to make sure nobody looks at their gifts early. Bonus points if you hide it in your trunk to keep it away from prying eyes. 

Holiday gift in storage

4.) In short term storage with nextstore

Are you sure that the gifts in your house will be found by your Sherlock Holmes of a child? If so, get them out of the house and into short term storage with nextstore. nextstore will help you quickly find the perfect space nearby that can be rented cheaply for less than a month, just enough time to keep prying eyes out. nextstore hosts will watch over your gifts and keep them safe until the holidays. 

5.) In the junk drawer 

Hiding in plain sight! The junk drawer is a pandora’s box of stuff your family has accumulated. Nobody will notice a small box hidden under that massive collection of old birthday cards. To make it even trickier for them to find your gift, hide it in a box for different product like a small appliance.  

As always be safe this holiday season and always reach out for a bit of extra help from those in the nextstore community if you need it.  For questions, comments, or help with anything, please reach out to, it’s really me (Brandon) in disguise.