1. How do I get in contact with my host?
    • After selecting the location and going through the checkout process, the host’s information will be given to you. You will then be able to call or email them to arrange for drop off of the items. You will also have this information on file to contact them for a pressing pickup or other issues.
  2. If I have an issue with my space what can I do?
    • Please send an email to the NXTSTOR team (support@nxtstor.com ). We will work to get your situation handled in as quick a manner as possible.
  3. How do I make my space more appealing to renters?
    • We recommend taking higher quality images of the space and using an accurate description. You can also take the time to add more amenities such as a lock or greater access to the space.
  4. I can’t find any space in my area why is that?
    • NXTSTOR is a peer-to-peer marketplace, that means that your neighbors and community members are the ones providing the spaces for rent. If there are no rentals in your area, this may be due to a lack of community knowledge of the site. Because it is a community based platform we encourage everyone to recommend signing up to friends, family members, and people in your neighborhood. We appreciate your word of mouth advertising!
  5. Are my items insured?
    • While we are currently working on a solution to ensure all items are insured, we cannot currently guarantee them. Some hosts will have additional options for security and we would encourage you to find the best fit for your peace of mind.