Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-01-04T12:25:12-05:00
How do you handle the space becoming unavailable?2020-07-11T18:21:42-04:00

We ask that hosts give us written warning a month or more in advance so we can accommodate renters. It is at our discretion how renters will be compensated for the move to a new unit. That being said, the average rental is around a year and therefore most hosts are able to ensure they can handle the full duration of the renter’s use.

How do you handle items left behind?2020-07-11T18:21:23-04:00

We assess a fee to the renter to cover item removal for the host.

How do hosts and renters communicate?2020-07-11T18:21:06-04:00

Hosts and renters are able to communicate entirely through the website or the app. This allows us to mediate disputes and allows them to quickly sort through all the logistics. It also gives potential renters the opportunity to ask further questions about the space.

How much can I make from my space on nextstore?2021-01-04T12:22:41-05:00

Our hosts can expect to charge $0.75-$1.25 per square foot per month. That means that hosts with a basement could charge $200+ per month. We don’t regulate listing prices, however.

What about liability issues? Who is liable?2020-07-11T18:20:09-04:00

In general, liability falls upon the host for damage/loss of items. But there is a clear set of responsibilities that they adhere to, to keep the space in order. In return renters are required to adhere to a strict policy dictating access and what they can store.

Are my things insured? Is my space insured?2020-07-11T18:19:41-04:00

To ensure all items stored are protected as well as the host’s space, we are working with a major insurance company to create a product. The end product will most likely allow renters to take pictures of their items and pay a small fee (roughly $5/month) for insuring the contents.

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